We provide computer forensics services to attorneys, corporations, small businesses, government agencies, and private investigators. We have the expertise and experience to properly handle all types of digital evidence in criminal and civil cases.

Identification, Preservation, and Collection

    • On-site and remote collection of digital evidence
    • Extract and process data from cell phones and mobile devices
    • Consultation and preparation of formal protocols
    • Provide solid chain of custody in the collection and storage of evidence

    Forensic Analysis

    The objective analysis of digital evidence can involve many processes to get to an answer. In our analysis, we use methodologies that are proven and repeatable. Some of these processes include the following:

      • Analysis of Internet activity
      • Decryption of password-protected files and containers
      • Detailed timeline analysis
      • Search and analysis of e-mail
      • Identification of specific user-related activity
      • Extraction of document metadata
      • Recovery of user data
      • Recovery of data from a damaged hard drive or other storage device.

      Expert Witness Testimony

      As an expert witness, our job is to prepare a well-written, objective report that contains detailed opinions and the supporting facts to support those opinions. Additionally, we have years of teaching experience so we can help the trier of fact to understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue